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Having a cup of tea with Casandra Banuelos, a graphic designer, and an illustrator based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Flawlessly, Casandra draws her thoughts which mostly symbolizes feminism in most of her work. Let’s know the reason behind it

When exactly did you develop your interest in designing and illustrations and how?

I have consistently felt extremely enthusiastic about illustrations, my interest started since I was a youngster, I recollect that all the visual and bright material grabbed my eye, yet particularly for the individuals who had exceptionally feminine and sensitive reasons, I started to rehearse for numerous hours consistently, growing up I left aside for quite a while particularly when I entered the work world and I was unable to do it in the ventures allocated to me, yet that has changed a ton of late, as of late I have had the chance to make additionally intriguing tasks that They permit me to do what I cherished as a kid.

How do you create your illustrations? Is it on paper or you use any specific tool that you use?

For the most part, I utilize more Illustrator since it appears to me a basic tool to utilize and I truly like the utilization of vectors and completions that can be gotten, and as of late I obtained an iPad where I downloaded the Procreate application and I discover the straightforwardness of utilization and use closeness with the paper.

What exactly is your cup of tea in designing the illustrations?

I truly like outlines and images that have to do with feminity. That is likewise the motivation behind why I use components alluding to feminity, for example, the moon

From where do you get the motivation to create new and unique designs?

The entire world is brimming with motivation all over the place, I believe it’s simply a question of realizing how to watch it cautiously to locate the delightful, I respect numerous illustrators and my associates, seeing their works move me to improve each day.

Have you already achieved the goal that you have been seeking or is it still yet to come?

I think I actually have far to go, particularly since I as of late continued the Illustration and I feel pleased that I can live from that, and that is the reason I have begun to take an interest in all the undertakings that may have to do with art and social reason

Creativity by Casandra



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