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Laishram Meena has been obsessed with portraits as a subject matter to speak a nostalgic relationship with her lived atmosphere. The color vibrancy and also the design used to enliven a surface have been her keen interest in space. Her works of female portraits depict a deep view of a world un-spoilt by consumerism. Her liking for visual aspect and embellishment vis-à-vis, the mundane and easy, exudes a womanly pleasure.

The Idyllic, village-life subjects get transported to a landscape of memory as if floating in time. Her delicate, ethereal, and fragile aesthetics, the sensuousness of color, and sinuous line-drawing communicate directly to the viewer. “Playful” yet “morose”; “Simplified” yet “impenetrable”; “Docile” yet “challenging” -it is this quality of “in-betweenness”, refusing to settle meekly into a labeled category that makes her work really engaging.

She creates images of a happy place one can remember fondly and indulge in, leaving the viewer with a warm, fuzzy feeling of emotional comfort and nostalgia. Soulful and sensitive, the oeuvre revolves around figures of children and women, depicting the rich culture and traditions of Manipur

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Her paintings take you back in time, evoking the simple life and innocence of childhood.

Laishram Meena

Laishram Meena Artist
Works by Laishram Meena



    Expression II




    Lullaby V


    Lullaby VIII


    Mother & Son


    My First School Day