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The things I imagine in my head don’t exist or aren’t real, and so I’m compelled to create them the best way that I see it. As they say, art is freedom.

I’m Muhammed Sajid. I’m from Calicut, Kerala. A beautiful village and I love it and I would love to be there all the time. After finishing my degree I was moved to Bangalore and currently working as a creative designer.

When I started working as an artist, I had no idea what to do and where to start; everyone kept trying to form an identity and start doing things however they wanted. However, in my case, I came to the realisation that creating an identity was just not for me because my culture is already an identity. I do not want to stick to any specific style; I like to keep exploring different styles that I like. My work has some natural elements, cultural inspirations, an architectural feel and some surreal approaches.

My favourite medium to work on is poster colour on paper but I mostly use digital as it has everything, I also love watercolours, pastel and pencil. My working process starts with scribbles then I start sketching out my piece then I move into colouring. In most instances, I start painting directly.

My place is full of greenery and I am inspired by the beauty of my place that is why I try to replicate some of the plants and other elements in my artworks.

Art plays a huge part in my life, art is my life and I live with art. Art helps me speak to the world through my fingers and I feel it is a good medium to explain or talk about things we cannot literally talk about.

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Muhammed Sajid

muhammed sajid
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