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Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the most loved deity as he is idolized as a naughty yet wise and brave kid. Krishna is associated with countless miracles in Hindu Mythology, and his eternal love for Radha, a woman from his native village is a folklore love story like none other. Radha Krishna paintings form a major part of the Indian classical art which comprises four major schools of paintings: Mughal paintings, Rajput or Rajasthani Paintings, Deccan paintings, and Pahari paintings.

Among these, the Rajasthani school of paintings is particularly famous for depicting the auspicious love of Radha Krishna. Even other schools of art have made paintings of Krishna with different themes. Each ancient culture in India had its respective way of depicting Radha Krishna, but all the development of art, even Modern art has something to offer in terms of this beautiful theme.

Our prints are a reproduction of the Indian classical collection as well as the modern collection of Radha Krishna paintings, on premium museum standard papers and canvas to give you a wonderful masterpiece to furnish your home with.

Significance of Krishna Paintings

Each frame of Radha Krishna’s painting tells a different story that has historical significance. Apart from the diverse traditions that can be seen in these paintings made by different communities, they capture the most significant events in the lives of Krishna and Radha. The paintings from classical Rajasthani collections such as Birth of Krishna, Radha’s Confidante Brings Her to Krishna, Krishna Radha, Krishna playing flute, Krishna Fluting for the Gopis, and Krishna with Gopis tell tales of different instances in their life. 

The birth of Krishna is the most admired painting for the bond it shows between the mother and child and the sacrifices that a mother makes to protect her child. All the paintings related to Krishna as a deity have a very emotional connection with people. 

Benefits of choosing Krishna Paintings for wall art

There’s nothing as soothing and positive in outlook as the paintings of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha Rani. Making these paintings a part of your wall decor not only brings an optimistic air into the house but also looks aesthetically beautiful. Lord Krishna’s paintings as a child are placed in a pregnant woman’s room to give her and her baby divine protection and a positive aura.

Radha Krishna paintings are commonly found in bedrooms as they depict eternal love and togetherness. These paintings create a peaceful aura around the family members and love and positivity in behavior and thoughts. Vastu experts suggest having RadhaKrishna paintings placed in the Northeast corner of your house or on the wall opposite the entrance of the main room as it keeps the tensions away from your life.

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How is my Art shipped? Is it safe to order Art online?

You can order Art Online on Dessine Art for your wall either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only Art print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed Boho Painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. The framed art comes with a hand-crafted frame with a matte finish wooden look which gives your art a premium look.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safes packaging and shipping method.