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Bride and her Two Companions, Jamini Roy Paintings


Cat and Kitten, Jamini Roy Rajasthani Style Paintings


Cow and Calf, Jamini Roy Paintings


Dancing Gopi Painting, Jamini Roy Paintings


Dark Horse Painting, Jamini Roy Paintings


Devi Sita, Rama and brother Laxmana, Jamini Roy Paintings


Durga and Ganesha, Jamini Roy Paintings


Indian Lady, Jamini Roy Paintings


Krishna and Nandi, Jamini Roy Paintings, Krishna Painting


Krishna With Cowherds, Jamini Roy Paintings, Krishna Painting


Man on a Beast, Jamini Roy Paintings


Muscians with Drum, Jamini Roy Paintings


Painting of Dancing Gopi, Jamini Roy Paintings


Rama and Sita, Jamini Roy Paintings


Rani on Bankura Horse, Jamini Roy Paintings


Santhal Dance, Jamini Roy Paintings


Santhal Dancers, Jamini Roy Paintings


Three Indian Women, Jamini Roy Paintings


Three Saints, Jamini Roy Paintings


Three Women, Jamini Roy Paintings


Life of Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy was an Indian Artist who was known for his distinctive style of painting. He was one of the pu[ils of Abanindranath Tagore, the versatile painter, and studied art at the Government School of Art, Calcutta. Roy’s aesthetic driving forces were his own culture which influenced his art style. The Painting Style and artworks of Jamini Roy were appreciated by the rich and incredible, including previous Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who declared him a “National Artist”. 

He was bestowed with the highest civilian honour of Padma Bhushan Award in 1955. He is the most celebrated student of Abanindranath Tagore. As an artist he garnered impressive success throughout his career and today his masterpieces can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida, and the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, among others. 

Famous Paintings by Jamini Roy

Why are Jamini Roy’s paintings still hot sellers?

Jamini Roy paintings were a perfect amalgamation of traditional Indian and Western art styles which made his work stand out as unique and complex. Roy adopted simple forms, flat colors, and humble paints of Bengali folk artists. His works are characterised by flat colour application, an emphasis on lines and subjects enclosed in a decorative border or motifs. Most of his themes revolved around the use of mother and child duo in Gods, humans as well as animals, which strikes the emotional chord of the viewers, even today. His paintings are a mix of folk and contemporary look, which is why his aesthetic creations are much loved by ary admirers of the current generation.

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