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Abaca I, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Abaca II, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Abaca Set of 3, Abstract Gold Painting


Abaci, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Abaculus, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Abaft, abstract wall art painting


Abalone, Pink abstract wall art painting


Abstract Shape 01, Minimalist Art Painting


Abstract Shapes, abstract wall art painting


Abstract VI, abstract wall art painting


Abstract VII, abstract wall art painting


Abstraction, abstract wall art painting


Accolade, abstract wall art painting


Advertisement, abstract wall art painting


Agrise, abstract wall art painting


Alphabet, abstract wall art painting


Anatomy, abstract wall art painting


Anthropometric, abstract wall art painting


Apollo by Odilon, abstract wall art painting


Arose, abstract wall art painting


Array, abstract wall art painting


Arvil, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Ascher, abstract wall art painting, Gold Painting


Asemic Map, abstract wall art painting


Ash, Minimalist Framed Wall Art, Set of 2, abstract wall art painting


Beautiful Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings use the visual language of form, shape, line, and color to produce a work that can exist in harmony with no visual references in the real world. Abstract art form is beyond any objective boundaries and conventional visual references. If creativity is all about unleashing your inner imagination, then abstract paintings are the best example of it.

Modern art or modern Abstract art, as it is known, is open to interpretations from the viewers and focuses on freedom of expressions. They are a relieving deviation from the real world and have a child like innocence

Understanding abstract art can help you appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds us. If you have never experienced it before, then you should look into the experiences of others and purchase a painting that you think is beautiful. If you are someone who already understands abstract wall paintings, then you should purchase one that has a meaning to you. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing a painting, it will surely be more enjoyable knowing that you were a part of the process.

Things to Know About Abstract Art

When it comes to buying an abstract painting, there are certain things that the art collector should know


  • Origin

Abstract art originated in Europe in the late 19th century as a result of the decline in popularity of realism in Artistic impressions. This art brought a wave of freshness and newness with elements that were not considered as a part of real art before that. The art emerged as spiritual, expressive and emotional, earning many accolades and fans worldwide.

  • Famous Abstract Artists

Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Mark Rothko, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Marcel Duchamp, Arshile Gorky

  • Creation

Abstract paintings are created to capture the ideas and feelings that cannot be expressed by using the five senses. Abstract art painting is the work of an artist that tries to bring forth an idea by using visual language only. The main goal for an artist when creating a good abstract artistic work is to bring forth the subject through the use of the senses and then express that through the paint. Many artists use color to express their thoughts and this is why they create good abstract wall art.

  • Reason for Choosing to Paint Abstract Art

There are many reasons why an artist would choose to paint Abstract paintings, the main being its flexibility and easiness. You can buy this type of art and have it framed or hanging on your wall. A good portion of these paintings is not hung on the walls because they are more of an accessory piece that can be used as a canvas when hanging other works of art. If you are someone who loves to have unique artwork for your walls, then you should consider buying and selling abstract paintings.

  • Production

These paintings are reproduced on museum-quality fine art prints and canvas that come from sustainable resources. The colors used in producing these prints give the appearance of a hand-painted painting when they are viewed. The museum-quality prints are popular because they have a life of more than 150+ years. This makes them perfect for people who are looking to buy abstract art which lasts for years

  • For Home Decor

A lot of people today prefer to buy these types of paintings for home decoration. Abstract paintings for living rooms or workspaces are trending nowadays as they give your space a sophisticated look. If you want a good respite during your hectic day then Abstract Paintings would be the best way to feel fresh energy.

Abstract Paintings Online

Abstract canvas paintings online can include subjects such as Nature, Architecture, Fashion, Figures, Still Life, Abstract Art, and others. The flexibility of Abstract Painting makes it a very popular form of art. These works of art can be placed in homes, offices, restaurants, corporate board rooms, and public places.

Abstract Paintings – FAQ’s

1. What makes abstract paintings different from other art forms?

Abstract art is much more than just painting. Many people interpret abstract art as being a form of expression in which the artist conveys feelings, emotions, thoughts, and ideas to the audience through color, shape, texture, line, movement. Abstract art is different from other art forms of painting because it’s not about what you see, but rather how you feel. It’s a way to express yourself and your emotions without having to put them into words.

Understanding abstract art is easier said than done. It’s one of those things that you have to experience before you can understand it. Abstract art is not a common type of art because it is often hard to tell what the work of art looks like. The meaning of each piece will vary depending on the viewer’s interpretation.

2. Why buy abstract paintings reproductions on museum-quality media?

The museum-quality paper and canvas is the best option to pick because

  • The museum-quality fine art prints are more affordable and long-lasting than original art
  • They give a luxury and sophisticated touch to your wall with their vibrant colors. The colors of your abstract painting reproduction will look the same even after 150+ years. These reproductions are so fine that they look exactly like hand-painted art.
  • The museum-quality canvas and paper on which the abstract painting is reproduced are directly sourced from a Germany-based Company, which is famous for its sustainable fine art prints and canvas.

3. Why buy abstract paintings from Dessine Art?

  • Famous Artworks by famous artists and heritage series
  • Affordable and long lasting art prints
  • Fine Museum Quality German canvas and paper
  • 100% genuine premium quality reproduced prints
  • Color guarantee for upto 100 years
  •  Secure payment gateway
  • Free shipping, easy returns
  •  24X7 art advisory support

4. How is my abstract art shipped? Is it safe to order abstract painting online?

You can order your abstract painting either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only a reproduction print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed abstract painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. The framed Abstract Art comes with a hand-crafted frame with a matte finish wooden look which gives your art a premium look. Big size paintings are shipped in a wooden box.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safest packaging and shipping method.