About Venna

Venna Sri Hari Kanth is an Architect, Urban Designer, and Digital Artist. He is a self-taught Cartographer (the art of making maps) hailing from Visakhapatnam. He pursued Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Designing from the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, and in a few months, a new chapter in the form of a Masters of Sciences in Digital and Material Technology at the University of Michigan awaits him.

Cities, as complex systems, are his home and passion. Both as an Urban designer and an Artist, he keeps an eye out for what strange stories they could narrate. He uses multiple art forms to meditate over the many layers of the cities ranging from the busy metros, rushing roads, city lights, muddy markets, starry-lit malls, patches of greens, water channels and lonely suburbs. Growing up in multiple cities and visiting many more had given him zillion experiences. They inspire him to make art and share the joy of experiencing cities a part of all our lives.

A Map for him is more than a representational piece of work. He believes, if given right attention, that it can capture the soul of a place. And by constantly experimenting, he aims to find ever same places in new light and new stories. His work is also featured in YO-VIZAG blog and Sylph Creatives Magazine.

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