With the pandemic bringing life to a threshold of uncertainties, the year that went by, and the year that is to come is all about getting virtual. It is the year of selling art online! Even with a couple of exhibitions in foresight, let online sales be your main focus and learn how to sell art online in India and make money in the easiest way

With Ecommerce and social selling being the norm of the decade, artists have been able to effectively sell art online and expand it into affordable prints to reach a global audience worldwide. Now that the whole world is moving towards virtual business, most artists are trying to find reliable and safe places to sell their art. Ranging from high-end to affordable, every kind of art lover is finding it easy to purchase art online. 

The large variety of artwork available online on our art gallery for every subject, medium, culture, genre, price, and style make it easy for art collectors to find the perfect artwork that they desire.

Dessine Art for Artists

Dessine Art intends to change the way art is promoted online. We aim at empowering our artists by giving them a platform to promote their art in a systematic and orderly manner. Artists need to create an interactive portfolio with their amazing artwork and art journey and mail it to us at curator@dessineart.com. Our curator team will then review your artwork within 3 days of receiving your portfolio and extend a confirmation if it meets our minimum quality requirements.

Why Sell via Dessine Art?

With us, the artists are spared the hassle of uploading their artwork and promoting it. Artists only have to mail us their Art Portfolios. Taking it from there, our team at Dessine Art will ensure to exhibit your artwork on our website in an eye-catchy manner, while also taking the efforts of promoting your art both offline and online. Our rising social media handles and niche in online marketing will help your art to reach out to more Art Collectors. Furthermore, we charge ZERO registration fees as we firmly believe in empowering artists and their artwork.

Deciding the price of the Artwork

The price of the artwork will be decided by YOU! We charge a very low commission amounting to 25%, that too is invested in giving the desired exposure and online reach to the artist’s work. The commission rates are excluding GST. Additional 12% and 18% GST are applied. With our commitment towards transparency, artists are informed about every single sale of their pieces.

The Process of Payment

Artists ship their art to our address once the order is confirmed on our website. Artists have to send their art within 2 days of confirmation of the order, with the exact condition as shown by the artist in the picture. Team Dessine Art can also help the artists with the shipping process if needed. Additional charges may apply.

We release the payment once the artwork is delivered successfully to the collector. We process the payment to the artist’s account within 48 hours. The mode of payment can be by cheque, PayPal, bank transfer. The whole process can take up to 10 Days.

In the words of Muhammed Sajid, “Now I can focus on actually creating the artwork rather than printing, packaging, shipping every single day”.  Dessine Art aims at encouraging the creative bone in an artist and saving them the efforts of investing their energy into promoting their art. You create, we promote. With our intricate and efficient system of online marketing, we help your art reach out to larger audiences thus making it easy for you to sell art online in India.

Types of Art That You Can Sell

  • Original Artwork
  • Open Edition Prints
  • Illustrations
  • Signed Prints
  • Photography
  • Digital Art

What Are The Type of Prints? How to Sell Prints Online?

Many Artists are confused in choosing the suitable way to monetize their art through prints. There are two types of ways in which they can sell their print:

  • Open Edition or Unsigned Prints
  • Signed Prints 

Open Edition Prints are usually less expensive than the signed prints and fall in the affordable category. These prints can be produced until the artists wish them to produce. The chances of selling Open Edition Prints are higher than the Signed Prints as they are much affordable than signed prints. If you wish to sell the Open Edition Prints of your art online in India or Globally on Dessine Art, then you need to mail 300 DPI versions of your artwork i.e. high-quality images of your art. In this case, artists receive a profit fee of 40% and in the rest 60%, Dessine Art manages the printing, marketing, packaging, and shipping of your prints. We are committed to following the museum and sustainable standards while producing the prints, thus maintaining a standard of the artwork and the artist in the market. 

Whereas, Signed Prints or Limited Edition Prints are the reproductions of the artwork by the artists which are signed and numbered by the artists. For eg. 1-20, these limited edition prints are usually more expensive than the open edition prints as they are reproduced in a limited quantity. If you want to sell signed or limited edition prints on Dessine Art, then you can either choose Dessine Art as your printing partner as we follow the museum standard and use Hahnemuhle Fine Art Media to reproduce your artwork, this media has been adopted by many artists and museum across the globe. Or you can also reproduce it on your own, and display it on our website. In this case, we keep a commission of 40% on the limited edition prints.

February 21, 2021