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About Claude Monet & His Art Prints

Oscar-Claude Monet, born in 1840 was a French painter, He is own as the father of the revolutionary Impressionist art movement. Claude Monet’s famous paintings are located in historic facilities and museums worldwide.

He began drawing as a young boy, initially sketching his teachers and neighbors. After that he attended a school of the arts and, as a young teenager, made some money by selling his charcoal caricatures of local figures.

His profound interest in outdoor painting and oil painting became his hallmark style in the later stages of his career. In fact the word impressionism itself was derived from his painting Impression- Sunrise, which showed a picturesque outdoor view of sunrise. Most of Monet’s art was disapproved and rejected for being different from the conventional school of arts during that era, but this signature style of his brought him much fame in the later years of his life, until his death.

Famous Paintings by Claude Monet

  • Impression- Sunrise
  • Water Lily Pond
  •  The Water Pond- Water Lilies
  •  London Parliament series
  •  Women in the Garden
  •  The Magpie
  •  In the Woods

Why are Claude Monet Art Prints still hot sellers?

Known as a precursor to the modernism and impressionism movement in art, Monet’s paintings are special and distinct in the way he perceived and painted the nature around him, capturing the light and natural forms, as raw as they can be. His most loved works include his series of oil paintings depicting water lilies, serene gardens, and Japanese footbridges.

He played around with light and shadow to portray landscapes in an innovative and inventive way, defying the traditional art culture of the 19th century. His artwork features bright, vivid colors and loose, seemingly spontaneous brushwork, which left a lasting impression on the generations beyond his time and are still loved as a break-through art style.

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How are my Claude Monet Paintings Reproductions shipped? Is it safe to order them online?

You can order Claude Monet Art Prints for your wall either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only a reproduction print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed Claude Monet Art Prints are packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. The framed Claude Monet Art Prints comes with a hand-crafted frame with a matte finish wooden look which gives your art a premium look.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safes packaging and shipping method.

Claude Monet's Paintings

 Impressionist Claude Monet was a trailblazer who painted vivid scenes that encapsulated the essence of color, light, and nature. His paintings, which are distinguished by their concentration on atmospheric effects, vivid colors, and free brushstrokes, have made a lasting impression on the art world and never cease to move spectators.

Let’s explore the captivating realm of Claude Monet's artwork and discover the enduring appeal they possess for anyone who appreciates art.

 Capturing glimpses of color and light

The Impressionist concept of preserving ephemeral moments of light and color is best embodied in Claude Monet's paintings. His famous series, which include "Water Lilies," "Haystacks," and "Rouen Cathedral," demonstrate his infatuation with the way light interacts with both natural and man-made environments. 

The secret to Monet's skill is his ability to capture the ever-changing aspects of light and atmosphere, resulting in vivid, captivating pictures that envelop viewers and carry them away to tranquil, magical places.

The influence of Japan

Apart from his passion for the natural world, Monet was also impacted by Japanese art and design, especially in his best-known pieces. Japanese garden design and composition are aspects that he utilized in paintings such as "The Japanese Footbridge" and "The Water Lily Pond," demonstrating his affinity with Japanese prints.


The ultimate effect is a feeling of harmony, balance, and tranquility that cuts across cultural divides and speaks to the human fascination with beauty in simplicity.

Explore Dessine Art’s collection of Monet’s paintings!

Explore the fascinating world of Claude Monet's paintings. Experience the vivid vitality of his brushstrokes, the serenity of his water lily ponds, and the splendor of his Impressionist landscapes.


Whether you're a devoted art collector or just a fan, Monet's works take you on a sensory adventure that will make you appreciate the beauties of color, light, and nature.


      Which materials go into making the paintings?

For our paintings, we employ the best supplies, such as archival paints and fine canvas. By doing this, the artwork's beauty is preserved for many years to come and durability and longevity are guaranteed.


      What is the shipping and delivery time for Claude Monet paintings purchased from your store?

The location, shipment method, and availability of the artwork are some of the variables that might affect the shipping and delivery time for paintings by Claude Monet. Customers should anticipate receiving their paintings in a fair amount of time as we work hard to process and dispatch orders quickly.


      Are the artworks delivered framed or unframed?

To accommodate your tastes, we have framed and unframed choices. When you order a painting with a frame, it is packaged in a secure three-layer packing that includes sustainable cardboard, air bubbles, and other materials. If you want only a reproduction print, it will be transported in a safe tube.


      What distinguishes the works of Claude Monet?

Impressionist Claude Monet is known for his ability to capture light, color, and atmosphere in his paintings with extraordinary fluidity. His artworks are unique and timeless because of his use of brushstrokes and attention to portraying ephemeral moments in nature.