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Classic Artistry of Pablo Picasso's Paintings

Pablo Picasso, an icon of 20th-century art, transformed the visual language via his creative processes and ground-breaking approaches. One of the most important painters of all time, his varied collection of work spans several eras and styles.


Let’s explore the captivating world of Pablo Picasso paintings at Dessine Art, and expand your art collection with classic works of art.

Breaking down reality

Picasso encouraged viewers to go past the obvious by utilizing fractured patterns, geometric shapes, and a variety of perspectives to examine the intricacies of human perception and the surrounding environment.

Surrealism in Art

Picasso explored the world of dreams, fancies, and the subconscious mind as he ventured into surrealism. Artistry like "The Dream" paints a picture that melds fantasy and reality together to express the strange core of human emotions.


Viewers are invited into a realm of contemplation and introspective investigation by these eerily

gorgeous pieces.

Picasso’s enduring influence

Picasso changed the course of contemporary art with his inventive use of form, color, and story. His impact has continued to be felt by succeeding generations of artists.


His paintings are still eminently relevant and ageless because of his capacity to dissect and reinvent reality, as well as his deep comprehension of human emotion.

Discover Picasso’s paintings at Dessine Art

We have carefully selected a wide range of Pablo Picasso paintings so you can explore the artist's development and add museum-caliber pieces to your collection.


Picasso's works of art can inspire and enhance any room, regardless of your admiration for his Cubist breakthroughs, Surrealist searches, or poignant portraits.


      How is the quality of framed artworks by Pablo Picasso guaranteed during shipping?

Pablo Picasso artworks that are framed are carefully packed with protective materials to guard against damage while in transit. We take great care to make sure framed artworks arrive in perfect condition so they can add innovators' beauty to your home.


      How long does it take to get artworks by Pablo Picasso?

Pablo Picasso paintings are delivered according to their location and order processing time, among other criteria. Depending on the delivery address, the anticipated delivery time is six to eight business days.


      Can I pay on delivery?

You certainly can. When choosing the "Pay on Delivery" option, customers must pay a fixed delivery price of INR 70. For Original Art, there is no POD option.


      How should I style a Pablo Picasso painting in a contemporary setting?

Creating a harmonious and well-balanced display is essential to styling a Pablo Picasso picture in a modern or contemporary space. To enhance the vivid and emotive qualities of Picasso's artwork, think about utilizing simple furnishings, neutral color schemes, and clean lines.