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Boho Art

 Strong, vivid patterns are a hallmark of the boho or bohemian art style. This style of art incorporates a diverse mix of patterns, textures, and colors to produce colorful works of art that revitalize any space. Boho art offers a contemporary method of interior design and is influenced by the bohemian lifestyle. It is a more vocal, simple piece of art meant to captivate your space. It is renowned for its ethnic influences and for taking its cues from several international aesthetic traditions. It may include components from many African, Indian, Moroccan, and other civilizations. This blending of many cultural styles may provide a touch of international flare and produce a well-travelled, international environment. The focus on individualism is one of the major characteristics of boho art. It promotes the usage of distinctive and original objects that are a reflection of the creator's or owner's individuality.

 For basic yet expressive boho artwork for your wall, Dessine Art is the best place to shop. Anybody who sees our expertly created, straightforward, and basic art-inspired paintings is sure to be impressed. Every piece of boho art in our collection has distinctive details that will enliven any space in your house. They may also make the ideal present. On the finest museum-grade paper and canvas, with color guarantees lasting up to 100 years, we offer reasonably priced, long-lasting paintings by both up-and-coming and well-known artists. Whether you choose framed or unframed artwork from Dessine art, you will receive the same piece that you ordered. Dessine Art offers the best packaging and shipping options, so purchasing art there is risk-free. Get 10% off your first purchase.

Buy Curated Collection of Boho Art

Want a minimalistic, yet expressive painting for your wall? Then, Boho art is your match! These well-crafted, unsophisticated, and minimal art-inspired paintings are all set to entice anyone who sets their eyes on them. The grace that the elements, lines, and forms of this art bring to the outcome is quite impressive. And with the museum-quality prints that we offer, there’s another reason for you to choose this fabulous piece of art.

What is Boho art?

Inspired from the culture of Bohemians, bohemian art or Boho art is an unconventional style of decorating a living space that has a personal touch to it. Just like bohemians who choose to lead an unconventional and artistic life by constantly traveling from one place to another for different professions, boho art is open to creation from an individual’s point of view. This art form defies the set rules and standards of art, expressing the freedom of imagination in each frame.

Origin of Boho Artform

Boho art is closely related to the bohemian culture that began in France post the French Revolution. Just like bohemian fashion, boho style is laid back, unconventional, and highly expressive. Boho art is known to have lifted the artists who went into a great crunch post the revolution period. The famous boho artist Amedeo Modigliani, a brilliant painter, himself had a very tragic life, which led him to break free and create something new within his art field. He is known as the model bohemian painter.

What makes Boho art a suitable choice for decor?

Just like minimalistic art, It does not mix or fill in too many elements and color hues in one painting. Boho paintings appear as carefree, aesthetic, and hippy in nature, which knows no boundaries when it comes to putting forth one’s inner ideas. Bohemian decorative art is made for those who want their homes to be filled with life, culture, and rich color. The rawness and simplicity of these drawings have a mass appeal, making them a favorite with the young generation, the most. The line art and tropical themes that dominate this art form look quite tranquil and meditative.

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How is my Art shipped? Is it safe to order Art online?

You can order Art Online on Dessine Art for your wall either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only Art print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed Boho Painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. The framed art comes with a hand-crafted frame with a matte finish wooden look which gives your art a premium look.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safes packaging and shipping method.