With the growing pace of time, the conventional view that “art is imitation” has not only been disputed, but it has also been in extremis in several art forms since the 19th century. Art was then known to be understood as an expression. As opposed to reflecting upon the dynamics of the external world, art is now perceived as an expression of the inner self of the artist. It is the outer manifestation of one’s inner state of being. The creation of a work of art is the culmination of several elements in the medium, much like paints on canvas.

What is Contemporary Art?

Even with its simplistic and plain sailing title, the definition of contemporary art can be a bit puzzling. However, grasping the essence of the word “contemporary” is made possible through tracing the history of the concept and exploring its underlying themes.
In simplistic terms, Contemporary Art denotes an art that may include painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, and performance art—produced in present times.
The beauty of contemporary art is its multi-faceted nature. In this school of art, the pieces are a reflection of the artist, thus manifesting varied perspectives and making contemporary art an intricate examination of modern-day movement and times. Contemporary art caters to common themes that may include identity, the body, memory, society, culture, technological advances, globalization, migration, the passage of time, and the most prevalent of them an all- artistic critique of social and political institutions.

Contemporary Art: History and Artists

As opposed to its “art of today” definition, Contemporary art has a relatively long history. Contemporary art is thought to have emerged on the heels of Pop Art, as a reaction to preceding modern art movements. Post-war Britain and America saw a plethora of renowned pop artists. This form of artwork is laden with an interest in portraying the mass culture and reimagining commercial products as approachable art.

Our exclusive collection of Contemporary art includes the works of acclaimed artists and Illustrators like Dinkar Jhadav, and Casandra Banuelos.

With his work serenading the walls of many Corporate & Private Spaces in India and abroad, Dinkar Jhadav has held over 100 national and international shows. In his own words, the beauty of his work lies in the fact that over the years, his paintings may have changed shapes, but their inner energies have always remained constant.

What’s Next in Store for Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art shares an intimate proximity with the idea of modernism. Artists in today’s times are risk-takers in their own terms. With each work, artists try to evoke different emotions from the observer, and not merely please their aesthetic streak.

Contemporary artwork allows the viewer to fully engage with the piece by triggering thought-provoking emotions, thus encouraging an internal dialogue that can lead to new information, education, and growth of a person’s mindset.

December 22, 2021

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