Beautiful Fishes Madhubani Painting, Framed Art

Rs. 9,450.00 Rs. 12,150.00


Original Artwork
Size: 10h x 10w inches 
Handmade Framed Painting by Local Artists
on Canvas


About This Beautiful Fishes Madhubani Art

This beautiful Madhubani Fishes Art is intricately hand-painted by extremely talented local artists on handmade paper and cloth. This sustainable artwork inspired by elements from nature and our rich Indian culture and traditions is done using plant-based colors making it the most natural art form to exist to date. It carries a religious as well as the environmental significance and the beauty it portrays is beyond comparison. Adorn the walls of your home with this pleasing art piece and connect with the tranquility and positivity it spreads.

If you’re looking for traditional Indian Art then Madhubani Painting is probably the best option for your home or office. Its Indian ethenic design with a traditional touch beautifies the space. This beautiful Madhubani Art will certainly add charm to your space and can be an ideal gift for a Living room, Drawing room, Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchen area, and Balcony.

Care Instructions for this Art: 

  • Protect your art from direct sunlight as the colors used to make this Madhubani Art are hand-made.
  • Protect it from moisture to ensure long life.
  • Avoid subjecting your art to extreme changes in the atmosphere or temperature.
  • Dust your framed artwork with a dry cotton cloth. Don’t use cleaning water or wet cloth.