Buying paintings for one’s home or office space is a passionate hobby for many. They say only true art lovers know the importance of these beautiful art pieces that add charm to any space they are placed in. With varied painting styles ranging from modern, vintage, contemporary and abstract, one is surely spoilt for choice. But it's evident that everyone has a choice in a certain genre of art and Abstract art itself has many lovers and fans worldwide. 

The term “abstract art” refers to paintings and sculptures that make no direct or immediate reference to recognizable objects. Abstract art form is beyond any objective boundaries and conventional visual references. Modern art or modern Abstract art, as it is known, is open to interpretations from the viewers and focuses on freedom of expressions. They are a relieving deviation from the real world and have a child-like innocence.You have many options to choose from when looking to buy abstract paintings which represent your unique aesthetic.To find the perfect piece, you need to search the internet and start surfing. But it might get confusing where to begin due to many art resellers, brokerages, consultancies, galleries, and blogs. The key solution to this is first knowing what you are looking for.

The basic rules of buying an Abstract art piece are:

  • Buying what looks beautiful, unique and striking to oneself, rather than following any set patterns.
  • Choose the color palette that enhances your space and defines your taste.
  • Buy what you feel deeply connected with.
  • Seek advice from professionals if needed, to help buy abstract art.
  • Be sure to buy selections that are authentic, certified and appropriately priced.
  • Do a good amount of research and experiment, visualize, and understand what you like and don’t like.
  • Take your own time to explore without any hurry.

Best sites to buy Abstract paintings

With innumerable site offerings these art pieces it can be difficult to select the best ones. But we have got you covered with a small list of some of the best trusted vendors to buy Abstract art. Here’s where you can end your search for this art form:-

  • Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art boasts an impressive collection of art at accessible prices. Original art, which includes photography, collages, canvas prints, oil paintings, and sculptures, start at $200, and limited-edition prints at $95. The site also runs a complimentary art advisory service, where a team of curators will build a collection for you based on your taste or space.

  • Artfinder

Artfinder is an online marketplace for original pieces of art from around the globe. The site sorts its offerings by both style and medium, making it easy to browse the varied abstract paintings, sculptures, photography, collage, and digital art. Prices start as low as $25, and the site also has dedicated services for interior designers purchasing cool artwork for their clients.

  • Etsy

Etsy is a reliable place for all things related to home decor and cool paintings and artwork are no exception. Etsy offers every type of art you can imagine, from stunning black-and-white photography to bespoke oil paintings. Etsy takes your living room or home office to the next level with wonderful decorative pieces to adorn your space.

  • Amazon

Amazon, the bid daddy of all online forums, has all kinds of affordable art. Whatever your vibe, you can find something to suit it, from retro Pop art and nature photography, to abstract and acrylic art. You can even find reproductions of the world’s most famous art.

  • Artsy

Artsy has more than 2,000 partnerships with galleries, museums, artists’ estates, foundations, and art fairs, making it easy to search for a specific artist’s work in exhibitions the world over, and then connect with a dealer on the site. Check Artsy regularly to keep on top of new arrivals.

  • Dessine Art

Last but not the least, a platform that boasts numerous art forms from Classical Art to Contemporary Art including Abstract art. Dessineart promotes local artist networks along with famous artists from India and other countries. They have original artwork as well as Museum standard reproductions of the famous artists’ artworks that are cherished around the globe. Moreover you can shop for Graphic illustrations and vintage maps and posters too.

December 25, 2021