• The Buzz Around NFT Art Explained

    The Buzz Around NFT Art Explained

    The word NFT stands for Non-fungible token. The term “Non-fungible” in NFT art depicts its unique nature whereby it is not subject to replacement with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible where it may be traded for another bitcoin, and you will get the same thing. However, a unique trading card is non-fungible. And if you happen to trade it for a different card,...
  • What is Political Art?

    What is Political Art?

    In the present times of political and social unrest, the world has witnessed a swirl of activity amongst activists, publishers, curators, artists, and others. The intimate relationship between art and politics has been a time-honored tradition, with political activism being prevalent in the art world. Perhaps, the most important part of art and politics is their historical course and liaison through different periods. However, what serves...
  • The Story of Top 7 Paintings That Went Missing

    The Story of Top 7 Paintings That Went Missing

    The Concert by Johannes Vermeer The Concert was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1664. It depicts an alluring scene of a man and two women performing music. This is one of the famous missing paintings which was part of a large art heist that occurred in 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. On the morning of March 18, 1990, two thieves disguised as police officers broke into...
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