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Dive into the Traditional Madhubani Art 

There’s probably no art as vibrant and enticing as a Madhubani painting, with its three main themes of religion, social scenes, and elements of nature. The common subjects for these paintings include Hindu mythological figures and scenes from sacred texts, featuring popular deities like Radha and Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, Saraswati, and Laxmi. Our collection features original paintings by the local Indian Artists which are luxurious to look at, yet affordable. Browse the section for the amazing artwork.

What is Madhubani Art?

Madhubani painting or Madhubani art is a famous folk painting from Bihar, an eastern state of India. It is still practiced in Madhubani town, Jitwarpur village, and Ranti village in Madhubani district and Darbhanga district of Bihar. The art depicts the social structure and cultural identity of the land with its vivid themes of religion, love, and fertility. Madhubani paintings are among the most famous traditional Indian painting styles in the world. This popular art of the Mithila region expresses the creativity and sensitivity of its people. 

This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterized by its eye-catching geometrical patterns. 

Origin of Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani art flourished during the 1960s in the Mithila region of the state of Bihar in India. It was the time when the regions’ agricultural economy was crippled due to the drought of 1966 to 1968. The All India Handicrafts Board then encouraged the women of Mithila to make paintings on paper for commercial sale. Since then the women of the region have started making paintings on handmade paper and created a new source of income. This art form is still practiced in the same region and has a lot of buyers in the contemporary era.

Famous local Madhubani artists

Women have outnumbered men in Madhubani art with the most famous artists being native women like-

  • Mahasundari Devi
  • Mamta Devi
  • Malvika Raj
  • Dulari Devi
  • Pushpa Kumari
  • Mahalaxmi

Among these, Madhubani artist Dulari Devi won the Padma Shri for contributions to art in 2020, bringing laurels to the nation.

Why choose Madhubani paintings for home decor?

The simplicity and beauty of this native art form is the main reason for it being loved by many art enthusiasts around the world. They make a perfect classical art piece for decor in a vintage or a traditional style house, due to the geometrical patterns and the color hues which fit every interior style. 

The association with nature and heavenly deities, also gives this art form a slightly religious bent, making people hang them for auspicious reasons to bring in prosperity and fertility. The emotional connection with this art style is evident with people not just from our nation but also from those living abroad.

Buying Original Hand-painted Madhubani Paintings from Dessine Art

We have curated beautiful Madhubani Paintings made by local and famous Madhubani artists. The Madhubani Art Collection on Dessine Art includes Fish Madhubani Painting, Tree of Life Madhubani Painting, Radha Krishna Madhubani Art, Rama Sita Madhubani Painting, Buddha Madhubani Painting, Animal Madhubani Painting.

How is my Madhubani Art is shipped?

Every Madhubani Painting comes with a handcrafted Frame. Your framed painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc.