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Edouard Cortes was born in Lagny-Sur-Marne in 1882, a French post-impressionist artist of Spanish and French Household. He was the child of a Spanish woman who served at the royal court of Spain. He’s credited as “Le Poète Parisien de la Peinture” or”the Poet of Painting” because of his diverse Paris cityscapes in an assortment of weather and nighttime settings. His artistic creations are somewhat lined up with the prior age than they are to his Post-Impressionist companions André Derain or Henri Matisse.


Timeless Beauty of Edouard Cortès Paintings

Renowned for his vivid and expressive paintings that take viewers to the center of France's most famous city, Edouard Cortès is a master at portraying the alluring beauty of Parisian streets and landscapes.


Born in 1882 into an artistic family, Cortès's artwork displays Paris's ageless elegance, busy boulevards, and breathtaking architectural feats, reflecting his intense passion and appreciation for the city.


Let's explore the fascinating world of Edouard Cortès' paintings and see Paris through his creative eyes.

A symphony of color and light

The paintings of Edouard Cortès are distinguished by their exacting attention to detail, vibrant color scheme, and deft use of light and shadow. His paintings of Parisian squares, streets, and landmarks radiate romance and a sense of nostalgia perfectly encapsulating the spirit of a bygone period.

Famous landmarks

Famous Parisian locations like the Avenue de Opera, the Boulevard de la Madeleine, and many more are frequently shown in Cortès's paintings; each is done with amazing precision and creative flair. His ability to convey the spirit and majesty of those locations has led to a global demand for his work among collectors and art aficionados.

Scenes from the streets and daily life

Typical Parisian settings, such as lively marketplaces, sidewalk cafés, magnificent boulevards, and quaint neighborhoods, are frequently shown in Cortès's paintings. His art exudes intimacy and authenticity due to his acute eye for catching the subtleties of everyday life, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the Parisian experience.

Discovering Edouard Cortès paintings

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Indeed, safe packing is our first priority for every Edouard Cortès painting. Every piece of art is meticulously packed and safeguarded to avoid any harm during transportation, guaranteeing its arrival in perfect condition.


      What role do Edouard Cortès' paintings play in the history of art?

French post-impressionist painter Edouard Cortès was well-known for his exquisite cityscapes and street scenes of Paris. His paintings are valued for their vivid hues, evocative atmospheres, and endearing nostalgia, all of which contribute significantly to the annals of art.


      Is it possible to identify particular Edouard Cortès artworks in your store?

A wide range of Edouard Cortès's paintings, including his well-known Parisian settings, landscapes, and architectural compositions, are available in our online store. Finding the painting you're searching for is simple; just browse or use our search function.


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