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Minimalist art

The simplicity of minimalist art creates timeless beauty. Numerous individuals have previously embraced minimalist art to spruce up their homes, workplaces, and other spaces. Painting is among the most popular methods of incorporating minimalist art into a space. There are several methods to paint your house or workplace to complement minimalist art. You can also get vivid beauty from minimalist paintings. A smart place to start with your home décor is by using minimalist artwork. It provides color schemes and design examples for a straightforward yet elegant setting. This artwork's adaptability to any interior location is another intriguing characteristic. You may bring color and excitement to your house without being obtrusive by using artworks that are minimalist. Nowadays, there is a tonne of minimalist paintings available online, but where can you get ones of good quality? 

Dessine Art offers museum-quality prints of exclusive works in minimalist art. Our pieces are long-lasting and economical. Now you have the option to give your room a modern, clean style while maintaining a tight budget. Our selection of minimalist artwork encourages tranquility and peace. It’s clean design and limited color scheme provide a calming ambiance that helps you relax. No matter the style of your room-modern, bohemian, or anything else-our pieces can fit in well. Its simplicity enables it to blend in with existing furnishings, giving the whole design a refined and elegant feel. Find the ideal painting to accentuate your room by exploring our enormous online collection. You may explore a selection of styles to match your preferences and home decor with only a few clicks. Our online collection provides a wide selection of artworks to pick from, including abstract paintings, landscapes, boho artworks, line art, and many more. Shop today to bring the splendor of art into your house or place of business.

Dive Into The World of Minimalist Art Paintings

From waves to mountains, to sand dunes and abstracts, minimalist art is what you are looking for, to give a minimalistic overall feel of your living space. The exquisite beauty of these art pieces lie in the basic elements they have, without putting in too many together.

One of the most striking characteristics of minimalist line art, an extended part of minimalist art, is the repetition of simple geometric figures such as lines, squares, circles, etc. shown with precise transition to convey whatever the onlooker sees it as. Our collection features Museum quality prints of the exclusive works in this art form.

What is Minimalist Art?

Appearing more or less like an extension of abstract art, minimal art paintings deviates from reality and makes its own impression on the minds of the viewers. It is a pure, beautiful and true art form which avoids imitating anything and evokes response from the viewers over whatever they see in front of them. Minimalism focuses on exposing the essence or essential elements of a subject, eliminating or avoiding any non-essential features or concepts. This basic, yet convincing art form is also famously known as ABC art for its simplicity and fundamental representation of ideas.

Origin of Minimalist Paintings

Minimalist art rose to fame in the late 1950s and early 60s, when the younger artists around the world brought a major transition in the field of visual art, by actively rejecting and moving away from abstract expressionism. The art movement was a path-setter with artists focusing on highlighting the very true essence of the medium and the material.

Minimalism was an entirely novel concept as it removed all forms of self-expression and individuality associated with previous art movements. Through the removal of decorative, figurative, and representational elements, minimalist art focused on the textural and material elements in a pure abstract form.

Famous Minimalist artists

Frank Stella, Robert Morris, Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, Anne Truitt, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd

What makes minimalist art a suitable choice for decor?

Minimalist paintings depict truth and honesty with the aesthetic quality of materials like canvas and colors, and concepts used to make an art piece. As the name itself goes, the minimalist art form doesn’t appear too complicated or shabby with too many elements. Instead it’s simple and pure without any pretension to represent anything other than what it is.

This purity of art makes it apt for people who look for an organized space with more air and freedom from sophisticated vibe. Other than making a good show piece, these paintings also give the onlookers a more settled and content vibe, bringing them close to the basics of life.

Why buy Minimalist Art Paintings from Dessine Art?

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How is my minimalist art shipped? Is it safe to order minimalist paintings online?

You can order your minimalist paintings either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only a reproduction print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. Our hand-crafted wooden frames for a contemporary look are available in Black | White | Natural Wood. Big size paintings are shipped in a wooden box.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safest packaging and shipping method.