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Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent Willem van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter born on 30th March 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands. He is one of the most popular and powerful figures throughout the entire existence of Western art. An assortment of 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil compositions, were made by him in 10 years of his career with the last two years being the most active ones.

He has impacted young artists worldwide since his time with his one of a kind artwork pieces. He began his journey by drawing at the Brussels Academy and then moved to his father’s parsonage in the Netherlands. Here, he was inspired by nature and thus created his collection of landscape Art Prints.

Van Gogh Famous Art Prints

Vincent Van Gogh has created almost 2100 works of art in a short span of his career. Most of Van Gogh’s Canvas Art Prints include a collection of self-portraits, landscapes and still lives, with strikingly bold and dramatic brushstrokes.

Some of his most famous masterpieces include

Why buy Van Gogh Art Prints reproductions on museum-quality media?

The museum-quality paper and canvas is the best option to pick because

  • The museum-quality fine art prints are more affordable and long-lasting than original art
  • They give a luxury and sophisticated touch to your wall with their vibrant colors. The colors of your Van Gogh painting reproduction will look the same even after 150+ years. These reproductions are so fine that they look exactly like hand-painted art.
  • The museum-quality canvas and paper on which the Van Gogh painting is reproduced are directly sourced from a Germany-based Company, which is famous for its sustainable fine art prints and canvas. These are perfect for you if you want to decorate your home, office, living room, bedroom etc.

Why are Van Gogh’s Art Prints still hot sellers?

Vincent Van Gogh Art Prints are famous even today because of their ethereal beauty. Interestingly, he created his wonderful artworks during his stay in an asylum.

The Dutch painter was an influential figure of the Expressionism movement and also famous within Post-Impressionist artists. His art style focused on watercolours and drawings, with a contemporary touch which makes them fit the new age decor too. His artworks range from florals, portraits, landscapes and human emotions. Our museum standard reproduced prints of his masterpieces are sure to add a vow factor to your space.

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How are my Van Gogh Painting reproductions shipped? Is it safe to order abstract painting online?

You can order your van gogh painting reproduction either framed or unframed i.e. just the print. If you order only a reproduction print then it is shipped in a safe tube and when you order it with a frame, then your framed painting is packed with a safe three-layer packaging including air bubble, sustainable cardboard, etc. Our hand-crafted wooden frames for a contemporary look are available in Black | White | Natural Wood. Big size Art Prints are shipped in a wooden box.

It’s safe to order art online on Dessine Art as we provide the safest packaging and shipping method.

Power of Color in Vincent Van Gogh's Paintings

Renowned for his expressive brushstrokes and brilliant color choices, Vincent Van Gogh was an expert at capturing intense feelings and provoking intense responses in viewers. His thorough awareness of the psychological effects of color enabled him to include a variety of emotions, from vigor and joy to sorrow and reflection, into his artworks.


Let's explore how color may alter paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and how this effect can speak to both art enthusiasts and collectors.


The vernacular of color

According to Van Gogh, color is a language unto itself that may express sentiments and emotions that cannot be expressed by words. He created compositions that were energetic and emotionally charged by utilizing a wide range of colors, frequently in striking and surprising pairings.


For instance, he perfectly conveys energy, vigor, and optimism in paintings like "Starry Night" and "Sunflowers" by utilizing vivid yellows, extravagant oranges, and deep blues.


Symbolism and interpretation

The metaphorical connotation that color frequently conveys in Van Gogh's paintings gives his creations more depth and meaning. In his paintings of sunflowers, for example, the vivid yellows stand for life, friendship, and spirit.


Fiery reds in "The Red Vineyard'' express desire and intensity, while swirling blues in "Starry Night" symbolize the expanse of the cosmos and the secrets of existence.


Arousing contemplation

Van Gogh, on the other hand, also experimented with dimmer, more muted hues to evoke sorrow and reflection. Paintings like "Wheatfield with Crows" and "The Potato Eaters" include dark blues and grays that convey feelings of isolation, introspection, and even existential sorrow. He urges viewers to explore the intricacies of human feelings and encounters via his use of color.

Collecting Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings

Explore our selection of Van Gogh’s vivid paintings that use the transforming language of color to portray the essence of happiness, reflection, and the human experience.


Experience the emotional journey that is Vincent Van Gogh's artistic creation, and take home a work of art that inspires you and speaks to your spirit.


      Which artistic movement did Vincent Van Gogh pioneer?

Post-impressionism, a style that prioritized vibrant colors, expressive brushwork, and a shift away from accurate portrayal in favor of subjective interpretation and emotional expression, is a popular term used to describe Vincent Van Gogh's artwork.


      How can paintings by Vincent Van Gogh be packaged and shipped to guarantee their safety?

Vincent Van Gogh paintings are carefully packaged and shipped by us to guarantee their security throughout the journey. To prevent damage, every artwork is carefully packaged using materials and methods that are considered industry standards.


      How long will it take for my paintings by Vincent Van Gogh to arrive?

Depending on the delivery address, the expected arrival time is six to eight business days.


      Is a painting by Vincent van Gogh the ideal present?

A painting by Vincent van Gogh may be a very unique and heartwarming present for collectors, art lovers, and anybody who values fine art.  Because of their distinctive style, vivid colors, and profound emotional content, Van Gogh's paintings are highly prized and significant gifts for significant occasions.